4 Things You Should Know About Getting Flu Shots

For many folks in America, getting flu shots is a rite that comes with the arrival of fall. You may have some questions about what the shot is, how effective it might be, why it has to be administered annually and who shouldn't get it. Let's take a look at those concerns and how they might apply to you. What Exactly is the Shot? While we tend to talk about the shot as if it were a single vaccine that's given to everybody, there are multiple versions. Read More 

When Should You Go To A Walk-In Medical Clinic For Your Medical Needs?

While you may want to normally go see your regular primary physician for medical problems that you are having, it is not always easy to get a same day appointment. You are then left with the options of a walk-in medical clinic or the emergency room. Before you head off to a hospital's emergency room, take a few moments to read through the following examples of when you would want to visit a walk-in clinic. Read More